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I have been wanting to become vegan for awhile which can be challenging. I would consider myself part-time vegan as of right now. What I mean by that is that I’ll go a couple weeks without eating any animal products and all of a sudden, I’ll eat some eggs. Every so often, I’ll try to come up with more vegan recipes to help me finally transition to 100% vegan one day in the near future.

I grew up on eating meat 3 times a day and putting cheese on everything! I feel like as far as I have come, I’m no where close to that. So I have made big improvements on my eating habits over the years. What I do is a little at a time meaning I incorporate a new vegan recipe or I’ll find a new substitute for something. It takes small steps to get to big changes. For most of us, to become vegan over night would be hard. I’m sure some would be able to accomplish this though.

become vegan veggie burger

Why I want to become vegan

I think a lot of us have Netflix. They offer a lot of great documentaries on there, especially about food and health. This is where my interest has started a few years ago. They have tons of them on this topic. The one I watched last night was “What the Health”. I feel like I become more and more every day feeling like this is the right thing to do.

Not only for the environment, but also for my health. Every year I become more and more health conscience. The reason why I’m like this is mainly, because of the older generation. I see a lot of them spending all of their retirement money and time, because of health problems. That is not the life style I want some day. I want to be running marathons in my 80’s and not in a wheel chair where someone has to come help me wipe my butt taking 50 pills a day that gives me horrible symptoms.

I do believe what foods you put in your body does have an affect on you. It will either make or break you in the future. I do believe that the older generation have got that way with what we Americans normally eat. That way didn’t seem to work, so I want to try a different way that might work.
The goal isn’t to live forever, but to live a good healthy life, so I can continue doing the things I love until the day I die.

become vegan falafel salad

The Challenges to become vegan

I don’t just want to become vegan, but I also want more whole foods and less process foods. I’m not sure if it is possible for me to become 100% process food free. If I’m wrong about that, let me know.

If it comes in a bag, a box, can, freezer section, you can bet that I am looking at the ingredient list. I try to find items that contain real whole foods instead of ingredients that I’m not sure what they are. I do pretty well with this most of the time. There are items that I feel like I’m giving up on, because I can’t find a brand that follows this such as almond milk. If anyone has any recommendations and where I can find it, please send them my way!! 😉

Another thing that makes it hard is, I don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen making everything from scratch either. I feel like sometimes I drive myself crazy. 30 min. or less is ideal.

My last challenge is that finding meals that fill me up. Sometimes, I’ll still be hungry and feel like I could go on eating forever!

Eating out when you want to become vegan

Living in the Midwest, doesn’t offer too many vegan options when dinning out when you want to become vegan. We have a very limited supply at the moment. So that does become a challenge. A lot of places around here, their only vegan choice is a plain salad.

We do have a Chipotle though! So I do order a veggie bowl, but as of right now, I’ll continue trying to find places around here that have more than just a salad.

I might have to make a blog about places I find that have vegan options in the near future in my home town or even when I travel.

I’m thinking my blog on breakfast in Michiana will have to be modified in the near future as well since it doesn’t go along with who I want to be in the future. Sorry to confuse everyone! I’m confused myself! 😛

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that blog as in most of those place, the best food choice would be fruit or maybe the oatmeal as long as it doesn’t contain dairy.

become vegan tacos

In conclusion…

So my plan to become vegan is to find recipes that will fit these criteria. Vegan, whole foods that take 30 min. or less and also look for places that have vegan options. Do you think I can do it?

If there are a couple of recipes that take slightly longer that is fine, as long as they are not all like that.

Does anyone want to join me on this challenge? Let me know!

become vegan reasons why
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