Work Smart: Increase productivity and pay check

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Learn work smart techniques so you can make more money at your current job without having to ask for a raise

work smart to increase pay check

     After working in manufacturing for about a decade, I’ve realized why my life has improved, and that is because I work smart. Lots of people every day go to a job and just do the same thing and never try to improve at work.

     If we do the same thing, we will get the same results and will get you the same pay check. It is the reason why many people will have difficulty getting raises and promotions, but what if I told you that it isn’t hard and that you can get one. Some of the things I plan on talking about are small but produce BIG results.

Work Smart

     The key is NOT to work hard. Don’t every work hard. That will exhaust you, and you will lose your ambition and have a hard time increasing productivity. The goal is to WORK SMART. Working smart produces BIGGER results with smaller amount of effort. Less work for you, AND you get more done.

       Working at your current job does not have to be boring even though many people do think it is. The ones who can think outside the box will never be bored. There are many ways to look at a project at work. Think about it. Every project at your job right now, there are many different techniques on how you can approach it.

       Do your projects in a way it makes sense. What is the fastest way of getting it done WITHOUT sacrificing quality? Can you also produce less waste in the process? And this can apply to any field you work at not just manufacturing.

       The thing is, there is always a better way to improve on everything. It does make the job more fun and interesting. Once you get in a position where it has been tweaked to perfection, then you can increase productivity in less time without it feeling like you are doing more work.

 Hire others   

   Once you get to the point where you have tweaked everything, but now you have an over flowing schedule, then it is time to look through your work load. You don’t want to be working on that $10 an hour job when you can easily hire someone else to do it, while you work on that 100k job.  Work smart and hire!

     The more money you make the company, the more money you will make in the end. And this can apply if you are the business owner or just an employee. If your pay checks aren’t increasing, make sure you are being honest with yourself. Are you improving? What can you do better? There really is no reason why anyone should be stuck in the same spot for the next 40 years, but unfortunately many do it. That doesn’t have to be you!

Plan and Organize

     Another work smart technique is to plan and organize. This can help save so much time. Try to figure out what is the best method on getting everything done in time. Which projects take the longest? Which takes the least amount of time? When are they due? Are there any projects that are similar, if so group them together. What is the easiest? What is the hardest? I can’t really tell you the best method in organizing your projects, because it really depends on what it is, but I hope some of these questions do get you thinking in a way you can set is up with what works best for you.

work smart by having a plan

Prepare and put everything in its spot     

     Another work smart technique is to look at is how do you prepare yourself when you start a project? Try to get everything together, so you don’t have to stop a million times to look for tools and parts. When you have extra parts that you don’t need anymore, and if you are heading in the same direction in where they are stored, put it back at that time. Keep your area clean and not disorganized, or it may feel frustrating when looking for items in your area.

     Make sure you have created a spot for everything and put it back when not in use, so you can easily find it much quicker. You don’t want to spend tons of time looking for things. This will hurt you when you are trying to increase productivity.

Take care of your body while working

     Another work smart technique I have realized about working in a factory, is how you treat your body at work will determine how productive you will be. Is there are way you can stop turning so much through the day? How about bending down? Are you moving your body too much? The more you move your body, the more energy is lost. If you want to be more consistent through out the day, be aware on what your body is doing.

     You can still do those projects, but finding better ways in doing it will help your energy levels. Try to make sure to that you are maintaining a good posture and lift with your legs and NOT with your back. This will help with not feeling tired or achy at the end of the day.

     Sometimes, I will be working at my desk, and I will purposely try to move my parts close to me as possible, so I’m not reaching out all through out the day. If it is small pieces I’m working on and I get done with it, I sit it on the table instead of twisting my back to drop it in a bin. Once I have a pile on the table is when I pick it up and drop it in the bin. I do this, so my energy levels stay up through out the day and my back will not be sore from twisting every second.

Take care of your body in your free time

     Not only is it important on how you treat your body at work, but also how you treat your body in your free time when not at work. How you treat yourself every day will effect your day in either a positive way or a negative way. Are you getting enough sleep and going to bed around the same time every night? Are you eating a healthy diet? Do you talk bad or good to yourself? Do you spend more time doing things you love or doing things you hate? How do you control your stress levels?

     There are many ways to control stress. For me, I do yoga, mediation and go for walks outside with my boyfriend almost every day. There are so many things you can do to control stress. Find something you like that makes you happy and do it.

      How you treat your body every day will either give you more energy or less energy. If you want to be productive and move up in life, then make sure you do the best you can to take care of yourself.


      My last and final advice is don’t be afraid to fail. Many people don’t want to step outside the box, because they are scare of what is really outside the box. It is the unknown is what stops people. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques. You will never know if there is a better way of doing something if you are afraid of failing.

     Our most successful people failed millions of times before they succeed. Just look at people like Micheal Jordan. Many people told him that he wasn’t good enough and would never make it. He pushed through, improved and became successful because of it.

     The only time you fail is when you stop trying. If it isn’t working, look at it in a different way. You can’t build a better house with the same bricks. Learn from your mistakes and do better next time. Don’t beat yourself over it. The world won’t stop turning…I promise 🙂

In Conclusion…

     Life doesn’t have to be set in stone. You are in control and can set up life in a way it can benefit you. Improving at work means more fulfillment in your work and also more money which more money can mean more financial freedom.

So lets improve our quality and increase productivity!

Lets better our future and work smart!

Who is with me?

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