Start over in life: Doing things Differently than before

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Where would I start over in life?  It would be in high school.

I would have just done the core 40 diploma and took classes that I knew I would have enjoy. There was a lot of classes I wish I could have taken like I wanted to do another semester of Dance. I would have like to have done the fitness class, a tech class and many more.

Instead, I was trying to get the High Academic diploma , so I ended up taking classes that I knew I didn’t like, and the classes was much harder. I wanted the High Academic, because I thought it would have better my chances of getting into college. What I didn’t realize was that it really didn’t matter since I was going to go to a community college anyways.

The Reason why I thought that way

All my life older people made it seem like a big deal, and that you have to jump through hoops just to get into college. There was so much pressure all my life about college, even at a young age. What do you want to be when you grow up? Get good grades! Do a million hours of community service. Take hard classes that isn’t going to do anything to help better your future.

I took calculus, because it was a requirement for the high academic diploma. Guess what, I’m 30 and have not done calculus since high school. What was the point?!?! It wasn’t going to better my life. It isn’t going to make me more money, clean my house nor make me more happier. What a waste of time!  If I could start over in life, I would have never took that class!

Plus I didn’t end up with a high academic diploma anyways since I ended up dropping a couple of the classes. The classes moved so fast, and I felt so behind. I couldn’t keep up and my grades slipped. Calculus is hard! Not worth the extra stress! So I ended up with the Core 40 diploma.

Start over in life: The Positive Side 

Even though I look at the experience as a negative, I also see the positive. That time I wasted time has taught me to make sure I’m not wasting time on things that will not matter in the future. If it isn’t going to better my life in anyway, then why do it. Every single thing has to matter to me to be of value. You never know when your time is up, so do things that have meaning to YOU.

start over in life by doing things you love

How I feel at this Point

At this stage of my life, I could careless about trying to do everything. So many people I know have these long bucket lists. I only want to do things that add meaning to my life.

It use to be that years ago, I wanted to get back into Spanish and trying to speak fluently. Now, I don’t think I want to do that anymore. Why have I changed my mind? Because I know that I’m not going to use it, so why learn something you are not going to use. Plus, I use to think that it would be cool to learn another language.

But will it really make me any happier? Probably not. It will make me FEEL happy for a short time, but in the long run, I’ll go back to the normal life like I didn’t take the time to learn it.

Instead, I’d rather learn things I know for a FACT that I will use, and it will benefit me in a way like I really enjoy learning about health, how the body works, why we really get sick and how to prevent illness, because that is something I know I will use.  This is how I start over in life, by doing the things that make sense to my life.

They always say Health is wealth. Once your health is gone, so is everything else…your job, friends, money, possessions, freedom, security, ect…

In conclusion…

I feel my happiest when I feel like I do things that will better my future. It is that one step to having more freedom in my life and to live the life I wish to live.

We as ,human beings, chase so much for all this temporary happiness too often, and wonder why we still wake up unsatisfied.

So I’ll end this with this, Always make sure you do things for YOU. Do things that will give you lasting feelings. Do things that are going to matter to YOU. And remember, Do things that will add meaning to YOUR LIFE. You never know when your time is up, so make your minutes count and do things that you LOVE.

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